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Hi everyone, I'm back with another question to be answered.  We've been asked how often Cicero Beauty brushes need to be washed.  This is more of a preference than a scientific study led blog post, however, in typical Leah fashion, I will give my personal two cents.  We will, also, be back on the blog next week with a post on how to wash and care for your brushes.  When that goes live I will come back and post the link - Here. 

We recommend deep cleaning the brushes before your initial use.  The brushes come very well packaged and with protective coverings, however, like you wash your clothes before use, we recommend doing the same for your brushes.  For quick washes in between uses, a quick spritz of 91% alcohol and a wipe on a towel will sanitize and remove color and preserve your brushes until you can deep clean them again.  

Keep an eye out for a full tutorial coming soon!! If you have any questions, leave them below or tag them on Facebook and IG #CiceroBeauty.  Thank you to everyone who has submitted questions, I will get to every single one!

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